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Kickback Coffee - Macclesfield

Kickback Coffee - Macclesfield

Adventure Coffee Company

Kickback Coffee was grown from a fascination surrounding coffee roasting. Following a visit to a roastery in Nottingham, Alex became hooked by the idea of roasting his own coffee using a popcorn machine. Over the next 10 years we have gone from a hobby in his kitchen to our current home at The Old Brickworks in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire. The Roastery is a combination of production and café. We are open to the public and there’s always a friendly face to talk about what we do and to give you some great coffee advice about tasting notes and brew recommendations.

As the Roastery sits in the heart of the Peak District, we pride ourselves on the outdoors. We aim to support adventurers of all shapes and sizes, supplying the much-needed caffeine boost to get you outside and exploring. We have even named our signature blend around this theme; The Explorer is for those who want to go outside and experience the fresh outdoors.

This year we have embarked on a mammoth challenge of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the planet. As a result, we are now proud members of 1% For The Planet who award companies that spend 1% of revenue on non-profit organisations that focus on environmental causes. At Kickback Coffee, we have chosen to team up with City of Trees to help plant trees around Greater Manchester. It is our goal to get every team member at Kickback Coffee to actually go out and plant the trees, to shift some soil, get dirty and really become invested in making change for the planet.

We are very fortunate to have incredibly adventurous customers and some highly talented ones too. We believe that caffeine is the key to open up this passion. We want Kickback Coffee to be the gateway to your chosen adventure, your reason to go for that ride, the stimulant that drives you out of the door and into the great outdoors. To help grow this story, we will be supporting some of our country’s great adventurers in their sporting and adventuring goals.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Have you packed your bag, made your plan and ready to embark on an exploration? Are you preparing for a challenge, something that will test you? Our advice to you, start with the first step and go from there. Eyes open, deep breath and enjoy.

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