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Copper Coffee Roasters - Cobham, Surrey

Copper Coffee Roasters - Cobham, Surrey

Our story began in 2019 in a small office in the middle of Richmond, SW London. With only a few desks, a recruitment business to run and next to no free time, our brand was born.

Our passion for "proper" coffee, and collaborating with people who shared the same vision were definitely catalysts that brought Copper Coffee Roasters to life. Little did we know a pandemic was around the corner, ready to cripple businesses, household spending and travel.

BUT it did allow us time to focus on a small, local customer base and grow our brand on social media! (Fortunately, #shoplocal #shopsmall #independentbusiness hashtags were providing us plenty of attention).We set up our online store and, once people were exploring their local area on their daily walk, we were getting actual visitors pleading for cups of coffee.

So what else could we do but immediately buy a small coffee machine and open our first coffee shop right there at the roastery!

Our products, online and in-store, are chosen through expert knowledge of coffee and having access to the finest speciality coffee beans from around the world. The values we all share underpin our business - quality, care and education - making freshly roasted speciality coffee ("proper coffee") accessible to everyone.

So let us inspire you to find the joy in drinking a better brew.

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