1. Half fill your stainless milk jug with fresh cold milk. Use a 250ml jug if you are preparing milk for one milk coffee. Use the 500ml jug if preparing two milk coffees.
  2. Purge the steam wand of condensation by quickly releasing steam into the atmosphere for a few seconds
  3. Place the steam wand nozzle just under the surface of the milk and to the side. Turn the steam pressure on fully. You should hear a sipping type sound which is the sound of the milk increasing in volume. The milk should also be swirling in a whirlpool motion which folds out the air bubbles and improves the texture of the heated milk.
  4. Keep the jug steady so that large bubbles do not develop.
  5. You are aiming to stretch the half a jug of milk to three-quarters full and to have a dense and satisfying microfoam texture
  6. Turn off the steam pressure when the milk is about 65° or the milk jug is just too hot to touch.
  7. Remove the milk jug, clean the steam wand with a wet cloth and purge the wand of any milk residue.
  8. If there are any large surface bubbles, give the jug a heavy knock on the bench. Swirl the milk jug in a circular motion to reveal a gloss-like appearance. The milk is now ready to pour. Do not delay or the texture will separate in the jug.