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  1. Place fresh coffee grounds into the portafilter basket until full or overflowing.
  2. Knock the handle on the tamping mat once to settle the grounds.
  3. Evenly distribute the grounds to a level flush with the rim of the filter basket. Release any excess grounds back into the doser hopper.
  4. Compress the grounds with a tamper, pressing firmly, then twist the tamper to smooth the surface of the grounds. Tamp pressure should be around 30kg so the applied pressure should be very firm.
  5. Rocket Espresso filter baskets have a reference line inside them, that the grounds, once tamped, should be level with.
  6. Insert the portafilter into the group head and activate the pump immediately by lifting the brew lever.
  7. Observe the flow.
  8. Liquid volume should be 50-60ml in 20-30 seconds (from the double handle or 25-30ml in 25-30 seconds if using the single basket. Stop the pump appropriately.
  9. Serve immediately or combine with milk to prepare an espresso based beverage.
  10. Remove portafilter and knock out spent coffee.
  11. Wipe filter basket clean and flush group head.
  12. Return portafilter to group head to keep portafilter heated.


  • Ensure that your dosing and tamping is consistent.
  • Good extraction is characterised by a 5–10 second delay before any coffee will pour. Heavy droplets will appear and develop into a thick, straight and even pour. The colour will be dark brown or hazelnut, preferably with a reddish reflection (see page 33).
  • The pour should be cut off before the colour lightens and the pour begins to curl in. • If the flow is too fast (another sign is a pale crema and white streaks) then adjust your grind to make it finer.
  • The finer the grind the slower the extraction. The coarser the grind the faster the extraction.
  • If the flow rate is too slow, adjust your grind setting to make it coarser.
  • Correct grind equals correct extraction equals correct flavour.

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