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Micro Roastery - Canterbury

Micro Roastery - Canterbury

We are Nick and Erika, and we have been roasting coffee since 2011, opening our Microroastery coffee shop in 2013. We love travelling and learning about new cultures together, along with our son Luc, who was just 2 years old when our coffee adventure started!

Having met abroad, we decided to make roots in the UK and work together on creating great coffee, as Nick already had experience in the coffee industry, and we realised the UK could use some more quality roasted coffee. After taking some courses and learning as much as we could, we started roasting our own coffee – making our first batch in our garden shed with a 2kilo roaster!

We then managed to get a pitch along the beautiful Whitstable Sea Front to promote our new freshly roasted coffee, and we received such great feedback which inspired us to carry on and move toward opening our very own coffeeshop in Canterbury. Driven by the idea of roasting coffee in the shop whilst also selling fresh coffee and beans to our customers all in one place, we quickly realised we needed more space.

We know that like coffee, the strength of any business comes from its origins, though, so even if you visit us in Canterbury today, you’ll still see our pipe system and upstairs you’ll find our trusty little roaster from when we first started out.Now, the Roastery has moved to Aylesham (just outside of Canterbury) and we have upgraded to a 5kilo roaster – over double the size of our original machine. The coffee shop still sits in the heart of Canterbury City centre on Margaret Street, where we serve and sell fresh roasted coffee to our fantastic customers.

After all these years we can proudly say we are very happy with our product, we love to learn and grow from our customers feedback and we are very grateful everyday to see so many friendly faces sitting in our coffee shop. This has given us the opportunity to build our knowledge further and learn more about who our customers are and what they want.

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