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The Porta Via is the world’s first truly portable espresso machine. The Porta Via is a dual-boiler prosumer espresso machine with a traditional lever-activated 58-mm E61 group, drip tray, super quiet Ulka vibration pump, pressure gauge, all built directly into a hard-shell carrying case with a handle on top. Weighing in at around 29kg, the case includes foam-padded slots for a pair of ceramic cups and saucers as well as a tamper, a professional-grade portafilter, jug and an external water reservoir.

The Porta Via (Dual Boiler) is Rocket’s first ever portable machine, geared for use in looking for artisan quality coffee - where ever you are. It's a dual boiler with tank fill only, all neatly housed in a flight case that's about as slick a package as you are ever likely to see.

Like all other domestic Rocket units, it boasts a fully stainless steel body, chrome finish and an E61 group head. Rocket machines are known as pro-sumer (commercial grade for domestic use), delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.

The Porta Via employs an actively heated group, 500ml coffee boiler and 800ml steam capacity with ability to brew and steam milk simultaneously. The boiler draws water downward from the cylindrical reservoir which locates onto the top of the machine. The machine heats rapidly and is ready within about 10 minutes. It can be safely packed and carried away immediately after, even if still warm.

Portable Espresso Machine

With its robust road case design, the Porta Via is designed to travel. Never settle for subpar espresso on the road again with this portable, prosumer espresso machine.



Simple Setup

To use, it’s simply a matter of removing the case, putting aside the accessory tray, sliding the drip tray into place, securing the portafilter, screwing the reservoir into the top, filling it up, and, in ten short minutes, it’s ready to brew and steam into the included pair of porcelain cups.

Thermosyphon Two-Boiler System

Rocket’s unique take on a heat-exchange boiler utilizes a unique two chambered boiler with a 0.5 L brew boiler and 0.8 L steam boiler, which are usable simultaneously. This system is extremely temperature stable thanks to a PID, and heats the Porta Via up to ready-to-brew temperature in a swift ten minutes.

Commercial E61 Brew Group

The E61 Brew Group ensures temperature stability during brewing by constantly circulating hot water between the brew boiler and brew group. The Porta Via comes with a commercial portafilter.

Why You Should Buy It

Rocket’s most unique espresso machine, the Porta Via, is being touted as the world’s first truly portable espresso machine. The name, Italian for “take away,” describes its unusual ability to be packed up in a rugged carrier, similar to a musician’s road case, and transported from place to place. The Porta Via doesn’t skimp on quality components, either. Rocket equipped this unique machine with a 40 oz heat exchange boiler and traditional E61 group, which continuously syphons water from the boiler through the group and back, leading to serious temperature stability while brewing.

The components are the same as you’d expect to find in any prosumer machine, including: an E61 group head, Ulka vibration pump, pressure gauge, as well as a commercial portafilter and wand. Plus, Rocket’s specially designed thermosyphon two-boiler system allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming. For added stability, the boiler temperature is regulated by an internal PID to ensure stability.

The machine is on the heavier side at just over 65 pounds, since Rocket truly wanted to provide a high-quality portable espresso machine, and, such a machine requires a bit of heft. The Porta Via is perfect for those that simply can’t sacrifice quality espresso on the go. It’s perfect for a second home or light entertaining at a dinner party. Plus, it’s a serious upgrade to any hotel room, or camp site with a power supply, perhaps more accurately called a “glamp” site. Directly after use, the machine can be packed up and whisked away to the next exciting locale, even if it’s still warm.

Technical specifications:

  • Brew Group: Commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group
  • Portafilter: Bottomless commercial grade 58mm portafilter
  • Steam wand: Long angle stainless steel wand
  • Gauge: Boiler pressure gauge
  • Boilers: Brew Boiler 470ml / Steam Boiler 730ml
  • Pump: High-grade vibration pump
  • Reservoir: 2.5l removable internal water reservoir
  • Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel
  • Finish: Chrome plated
  • Drip tray: Removable stainless steel drip tray
  • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug. Voltage / wattage: V.220 - 240/50/60Hz - 1350W
  • Weight: 28KG
  • Dimensions WDH:
    • Machine out of case WDH: 200 x 405 x 535mm
    • Machine inside case WDH: 245 x 450 x 571mm
    • Case closed with machine inside WDH: 245 x 450 x 550mm

Free two man special delivery (UK wide) with every Rocket machine. We also maintain and service your Rocket machine at your home so you don't need to send it to us. All Rocket machines are bench tested by our Rocket trained engineers prior to delivery.

All Rocket Espresso machines are covered by a 2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty with ourselves as an official Rocket Espresso UK dealer. This warranty is for domestic customers only. 

This warranty is subject to the customer following the instructions for use and maintenance guidelines supplied by Rocket Espresso, and does not cover general wear and tear or damage caused by misuse of the machine.