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Workshop Coffee - London and Hertford

Workshop Coffee - London and Hertford

The best coffee possible.

Since we opened our doors in April of 2011 we've been focusing all of our efforts on sourcing, roasting and serving coffee at a constantly higher standard. At all times we've adhered to the guiding principle of providing our customers with the sweetest, cleanest and freshest coffee we can, committing to nothing short of the best coffee possible.

An Integrated Approach.

We believe the best coffee possible requires our participation in all stages of production; from frequent and repeated visits to partners in producing countries, dedicated and focused in-house roasting, operating our own award-winning cafe and coffeebars, right through to an efficient but engaged approach to wholesale partnerships.

A Focus on quality.

At the centre of everything we do is our dedication to an on-going cycle of quality; Better pay for producers expressly committed to the highest quality coffee, allowing and encouraging reinvestment and training at a farm or co-operative level, fuelling ever better quality coffee. And year-on-year, season-on-season, the cycle continues.

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